Monday, February 13, 2006

Day Three In the People's Republic of Boulder

Greetings from the Boulder Public Library, where I suspect I'll be spending a good bit of time over the next two weeks. This is for two reasons: 1) I don't start work until 2/27; and 2) there is free internet here, and I have no internet available to me elsewhere.

In other words, expect these posts to be short and sweet, since I have to stand up while I write them.

Not that I should be complaining about standing up, as I have heard one burns more calories that way than by sitting down. Burning calories is at the forefront of my mind right now. SAL and I just finished what may in fact be the best, most delicious, most highly caloric breakfast I have ever consumed. For we just left Lucile's Cajun Cafe, known for its ridiculously amazing beignets and its spicy, hammy, Cajun Breakfast. (Think red beans, ham hocks, eggs, hollandaise sauce, grits, and homemade biscuit. Yes, I just ate that.)

Lucile's is located an all-too-brief four-block walk from my new apartment. This, my friends, is classified as a problem.

Those of you who will be visiting me in the beautiful mountains, including but not limited to The Captain and Cece's Mom, who are coming in July, will definitely be introduced to Lucile.

Update on G.Bro

I hung out at the hospital again yesterday with G.Bro and J.Go. I re-strapped G.Bro's foot boot more than once. I watched as he made a valiant effort to walk, aided by a walker and a kind physical therapist, down the hall. I tried to coax him to order ice cream from room service, but he didn't want anything "too sugary." Anyone who is under that much morphine and still worried about consuming sugars is going to be so fine.

His surgery to remove the heavy metal frame keeping his knee in place is on schedule for tomorrow afternoon. I'll be dropping SAL at the Denver airport around 11:15 am, and will head directly over to the hospital to provide what moral support I can offer. I'll report back as soon as I can.


Anonymous emily said...

You know, they have breakfasts JUST LIKE THAT at Old Devil Moon Cafe in the East Village of New York City, the best city in the . . . oh, who am I kidding. Talk about leaking -- I almost cried just reading the description of your apartment. GOD, I'M JEALOUS!!

3:56 PM  
Blogger Go Go Guitar Girl said...

Hi Emily,

Thanks for your comment! I've partaken of the Old Devil Moon, and while an incredibly tasty way to start the day, I can't say it beats my new friend Lucile. But you'll just have to come out to Boulder to see for yourself. :)

PS: NYC is and always will be the best city in the world!!!

10:50 AM  

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