Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Five Days and Counting

Hello dear friends, and my apologies for the multi-day post delay. The sad truth is that I've been sick, and when you're sick you don't really want to stand up at a daggone computer terminal at the daggone public library (next to some stinky semi-homeless dude playing sudoku) writing a daggone blog post. But if it makes anybody feel any better, I've been feeling totally guilty about not writing. Does it? Make you feel better?

Luckily, I am now on drugs. Penicillin has been my friend since yesterday, and my sinuses have finally stopped rebelling. The skies are sunny, the temperatures are up, and my outlook is finally bright again! Hurrah for that.

So, what's been happening since I last wrote, you ask? Let's do the numbers:

Eleven (11) . . . the number of episodes of Seinfeld I've watched on my borrowed portable DVD player;

Five (5) . . . the number of times I've been to Target;

Two (2) . . . the number of nights I've spent in the mountains at the Go-Bro's, lovin' on their Hucklehead of a dog;

One (1) . . . the number of days the Boulder Public Library has been closed, thus denying me emailing/blogging capabilities;

One (1) . . . the number of red velvet Victorian sofas I've transported in the back of The Subaru;

One (1) . . . the number of times I've been to the Shambhala Center here, which is crazy huge and intimidating compared to the 6th floor of 118 W. 22nd Street, I must say;

One (1) . . . the number of times I've gone into the office for a meeting (though my first day isn't until Monday);

One (1) . . . the number of times I've gotten really homesick watching Dave Letterman.

In short, life hasn't been entirely exciting. But that's a transitional period for you. I actually feel like my life here hasn't yet begun, seeing as how I haven't started my job and I haven't moved into my own place just yet. Which is wearing me down, I have to admit. It feels like it should feel like vacation, but in actuality it feels more like purgatory. So I'm happy to say that it's just:

Five (5) . . . days until I officially start work; and

Seven (7) . . . days until I move into my happy little apartment on Pine Street.


Anonymous Francesca said...

Kelly!! Add me to your blog list!! I just got all your blogs from Alison, who got them from Stacy. As a former Coloradoan (the first time I got drunk was in Boulder, so it holds a special place in my heart), I am very interested in hearing your tales from the Wild West! Good luck with everything. Pearl Street - what a great location. Love, Francesca

4:20 PM  

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