Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Bed, and a Work At Home Day

Today I got two things I didn't have in NYC:

1) A real, honest-to-goodness bed.

2) A guilt-free edit-at-home day.

It's true: my bed in the BKL was a lofted thingamajigger, impossible to change the sheets on and harder still to convince out of towners to sleep in. It wasn't rickety or anything; I had it specially built by some dude on Craig's List and it was solid as can be. But it frightened even the most stalwart of family members. Everyone thought they'd fall trying to get down the tiny ladder. Nobody ever did, but the sight of my poor mother climbing up to bunk with my sister is one I won't soon forget.

It's significant to note that, no matter how treacherous the climb, the bed never discouraged special guest appearances. :)

MOVING ON! The new bed is a so-adult-you-could-die Simmons BeautyRest, perched atop a really cool black slatted wood bed frame. It makes my bedroom look--well, like a bedroom. Because it's a big bed, and that's pretty much all you can fit in there.

Note: apparently you don't have to tip delivery guys in Colorado, because both sets that came through here today (the mattress and frame came from two different stores) were out the door so fast I couldn't even reach for my wallet.

The work at home day arose because I had to wait for the aforementioned bed. I didn't get as much work done as I'd hoped to, thanks to two hour-long convos with office persons, the delivery itself, and trying to un-destroy my washing machine. (How was I to know that "Dry Clean Only" meant the rug would disintegrate into eighty pounds of heavy purple fuzz upon submersion? I'm only human, after all.) But nevertheless, it felt really good to work at home. Much as I loved my last job in NYC, I never cottoned to the way they frowned on work-at-home days. Sometimes, you just gotta wait for a delivery, y'know?


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